Lt. Mahipat Singh College of Education

We, in the service of quality education, stands fully prepared today to meet the challenges of the changing times. The college provides all possible avenues to the students for having rich learning experience by providing them.

Excellence is Tradition

Lt. Mahipat Singh College of Education, is an Institute where excellence is tradition. Lt. Mahipat Singh College is for those students who shall be pioneers, for those who shall experiment with the cutting edge of contemporary thought & creative expression for those shall dare to give shape their aspirations and cherished dreams.

Value Based education is given major thrust by the institution to inculcate human, moral and spiritual values. The institution organizes a series of memorial lectures on various current issues that enthuse the moral values in student minds. A booklet containing values, discipline, right attitude, good behaviour is given to students. The institution thrives on a unique blend of retraining tradition values and incorporating advancements as well as creating a consciousness about right and duties towards the nation.

The institution has only striven hard to beg  medium for multi fold development of mind, body  and soul of students by providing them quality education but has also nurtured their soft life imparting skills.

One of the best teacher Education Institution Lt. Mahipat Singh College of Education is highly reputed for its academic excellence, intellectual vigor, cultural and moral sensitivity. Dedicated & experienced faculty members are involved to impart value education, positive attitude among students. The college has ideals and lofty vision of its founder father by providing equal opportunities to all students to have natural talents.


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