Lt. Mahipat Singh College of Education is an institution with quality education in quality ambience. Discerning the loud glamour of society for quality education and exposure to young hearts, institution has proved its worth as the hallmark of excellence in both academic and co-curricular activities that from the backbone of any esteemed educational institution. Incarnation of compassion among students, the institution has provided convivial environment to its jewels to thrive confidently and learn incessantly.

All our efforts are directed towards producing potential teachers, decision makers and policy markers at top levels. The institute has excellent  infrastructure, well-equipped resource centers and facilities which are encouraged for work in collaborative teams and learn from peers.

Education is best asset of a nation. Lt. Mahipat Singh College of Education is an endeavour to produce a personality and enhance your career opportunities. We inculate self-confidence in our students to make them aware of their rightful place along with their moral duties towards society so that they can make a meaningful contribution in shaping better India.

Dr. Rajesh Mantri